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Micro-Temp ® Water Circulator Pump

Digital Model

Hypothermia is a constant risk for the small veterinary surgical patient. Approximately 60 to 70% of surgery patients become hypothermic.

Various veterinary medical studies have proven that maintaining warmth during and after surgery can markedly improve clinical outcomes.

The Micro-Temp® system places a comfortable vinyl blanket under the patient. Warm water is circulated throughout this blanket by an electrical pump. The Micro-Temp® pump maintains your selection of temperatures (86°-107°F) within 1.5°F.

- Audible alarm: low water, tilt, open sensor and high temperature

- Dual thermostats for safety

- 30 oz. water reservoir

- Self-sealing connectors, no water leakage

- Includes 9 feet of connecting hose

- 1 year warranty on new & refurbished

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